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October, 2020

Dr Sam Hayes

Planner, Geographer & Researcher

I am a Planner and Geographer, currently a Research Fellow at the University of Salford in the Healthy Active Cities Research Group. My current research is concerned with the connections between running (occasionally also walking and cycling), green spaces and our health and wellbeing. I am particularly interested in the transitions in our running as we stitch our running routes together, for example from home, to a main road and back to quiet street or from a park to busy road.

I have been running for 10 plus years and my own running practice and relationship with running is… variable. I have been known to run leisurely around local parks, run-commute, run to the shops and (occasionally) participate in trail runs. I have also been known to do a spot of run tour guiding.

I tweet at @DrSamHayes1.

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