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September, 2020

Natalie Campbell

CEO Belu, running for mental well-being

Growing up I hated running, cross-country at school was hell on earth and running for a bus was a big no-no. One day, probably 10 years ago, I decided to try and run to my local park. There was no logic or reason other than I felt like it; less than 5-minutes in I had the dreaded burn, that feeling of my heart bursting through my chest and the lactic acid build up making me feel dizzy. I wanted to give up but instead I tried again the next day, and the next and then I signed up for a 10K (because I don't do much by halves). What I realised is that I am not a great runner, or fast, or elegant like everyone (in my head anyway) but I love it. I run just because, no goals, no deadlines, other than to keep running and every now and then I challenge myself to get that bit faster. For me, running is 'freedom manifest real'.

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