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September, 2020

Tasha Thompson

Founder, Black girls do run

Tasha has been running and racing for 21 years. She lives in London and is a mother of two children. Throughout her years of running Tasha noticed that there was a lack of regular black females running races and running in general and wanted to change that. In 2019 to celebrate 20 years of running Tasha decided to give back to the activity she loves and created Black Girls Do Run UK a community to inspire, encourage and motivate more regular black females to run.

Tasha believes that with the right encouragement anyone can run and call themselves a runner. She is especially passionate about running at your own happy pace, enjoying the process, celebrating your achievements and finding creative ways to fit running into people's lives. To date Tahsa has completed 38 races and aims to earn 50 running medals by age 50.

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