October 19, 2020

Run Commute: The Tracksmith Guide to Utility Running

Utility for all

Recent events have made it clear that the freedom to experience a whole city on foot is not a freedom that is afforded to everyone equally. In asking our community for their experiences of utility running, one testimonial stood out, and it was notable precisely because its author feels unable to run commute for reasons of personal safety.

How can you help?

  • Support local organizations involved in the fight for racial and gender equality, particularly in sport.
  • Get out and run - normalizing utility running is a small but effective step. 
  • Support and grow your commuter community - maybe you could offer to accompany anyone who feels too vulnerable to run alone?
  • Vote - support politicians who support active travel initiatives.
  • Say hello - eye contact, a smile, and a nod of acknowledgement go a long way to making people feel welcome.

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