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May 24, 2021

Welcome all runners!

This is your AidStation

An aidstation is almost like an oasis that appears magically during races to support, encourage and quench the thirst of the participants.

AidStation is the place where you can find everything you need to run better. 

We're signing up hundreds of runners from all over the world to tell each other which running products they're using during their running activities. We believe that what you run with repeatedly is worth sharing.

Currently the top 5 men’s shoes on the AidStation database are:

As an incentive to AidStation users they will receive tokens every item they submit to the database. Submissions can either be made manually on the site or automatically via STRAVA. When you sign up you will be asked if you want your Strava account linked to your AidStation account. 

Your tokens can be used to search the database or redeem at the AidStation Token Exchange for amazing discounts on running products.

The AidStation platform was created to bring true, more transparent info on running products to runners. We want information to be more accessible, less complicated and without bias. We plan on sponsoring races, promoting not only big brands but also creating awareness of smaller running brands and being really proactive in encouraging people to run - hence our partnership with RunSome. 

We recently partnered with Voom nutrition and sponsored the Give It Your BESTer race supported by Africa marathons. We also participated in this event to show our support.


The team members at AidStation are all running fanatics and we run because we love it. The health benefits of running - not only physically, but mentally too - need to be promoted so AidStation will always endeavour to do just that.

We'll be bringing you ‘The Best Of’ running shoes, apparel, devices and race or training nutrition every month so check back here regularly to find any updates and sign up to AidStation today! 

Sign Up. Start running. Start running better. RunSome errands, journeys and start feeling better today. 

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