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October 26, 2020

Product Spotlight

The Airhead Mask: Reinvented Pollution Protection

At Airhead, we want to create a world where people move more, feel healthier and breathe clean air in the city. For now, with Airhead. One day, we hope, without us. Our vision is for Airhead to create pollution products that are both personable and dependable. We want to help educate, encourage, and, ultimately, protect as many people as possible.

The Airhead Mask is a pollution mask designed to help you move more and stay protected, comfortably, particularly when you’re running or cycling in the city. Designed in collaboration with Brunel University’s world-leading product design team, our mask is truly unique. 

It’s designed to address the problems of the existing masks on the market, which are often so hot, uncomfortable, embarrassing to wear and, sometimes, don’t even work properly!

Designed and made in the UK, here’s a closer look at some of the features that set Airhead apart:

Powerful PM0.3 filtration

A product that we’d recommend to our nearest and dearest. Our filters exceed FFP3 standards and block particles down to PM0.3, to keep you protected when you’re running or getting active in the city.

Unique valves that maximise breathability, to make it as comfortable as possible 

We figured, if it’s not comfortable, people won’t wear it. So, we made it comfortable. Inhale clean air easily through the powerful filters, before the backward-facing valves efficiently move hot air away from your face to keep you cool.

Reinvented airtight seal stops leakage

Studies show the primary driver for the effectiveness of mask is its fit, so this is where it really counts. It’s designed to fit your face perfectly to maximise filtration efficiency and provide you with the clean air you deserve.

Modular design makes it easy to clean

Now more than ever, mask hygiene is so important. This is where we stand out and make it as easy as possible for you to take the mask apart, to allow you to give it a thorough clean.

Unclip for a cool breeze

If you’re running up a hill as fast as you can, you'll probably get hot, we won’t pretend otherwise. This unique feature gives you a quick cooling breeze, or a chance to have a drink, snack or chat.

Change the colour of your mask

With our unique AirSkin®, you can remove the cover and replace it with a different one to suit your style or mood. In the future, we plan to have many other colours and designs to choose from.

Replace the filters, not the whole mask

Reusable, durable and modular - a mask that’s made to last, with the environment at the front of mind. We recommend that you replace the filters after approximately 60 hours of use to ensure maximum filtration efficiency is maintained.

Following a successful Kickstarter in April 2020, we’re currently in production and racing to get the masks ready, to help more people get active and stay protected in cities. Head to to pre-order yours at a discount and be first in line for delivery.

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