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May 24, 2021

A bad run is still a run

Tips on feel-good running from Flanci

At Flanci we understand the ups and downs of running.

Somedays you’re on top of your game, everything feels good and you can knock out a 5K, 10K, half, or even a marathon, no problem.

But then there are the days when it’s just not happening. 

Maybe you aren’t feeling ready, you can’t get motivated, or you’re simply tired from training.

We get it. The down days or we could just call them “rest” days, are just as important as the good running days, and that’s why you should always remember that your running journey really is a metaphorical ultra-marathon, rather than a 100m sprint.

Within the Flanci community we have people run/walking everyday journeys to the shops, to meet friends, who are starting out on their couch to 5K journeys, and we also have those who are breaking records and running ultras most weeks.

But every one of you is a runner, and your achievements are all as valid as each other.

We design technical kit which is perfect for runners, but we make it super funky and bright because we know that sometimes, on those really down days, having functional kit that makes you smile can just help nudge you out of the door.

If you feel confident in your kit, then you’ll feel ready to RunSome. That’s why we have sizes from XXS to XXXXL, extra-long length, and unisex kit – so you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear out training.

Functional side and back pockets on Flanci designs mean you can always have that phone, keys, jelly beans, or tissues on hand, and options of lightweight or fleece-lined leggings, multi-functional and flattering skorts, double-layer shorts, and comfy capris, offering a wide choice of training attire.

Winners of the 2020 Women’s Running Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Best Bottoms, and taking accolades in the 2020 Running Awards, Flanci is a firm favourite of many top athletes, and most importantly our ever-growing active community.

We’re here to inspire confidence, and with that in mind here are some top tips on how to motivate yourself when you’re starting out.

  1. Remember that even a one-mile run is a run. You just ran further than those people on their sofas.
  2. Don’t worry about time. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, a 7-hour marathon is the same distance as a 3-hour marathon.
  3. Run for you. Run because you enjoy it, if you’re losing the spark, take a rest day and try again the following day.
  4. It’s ok to have a break. We don’t mean break a bone, but slipping off the training schedule for a bit is fine. Your body needs rest, and you won’t undo all the good work in just a day or two.
  5.  Be proud. Hell, you just ran! And runners are awesome. No matter the distance. We are runners here and we support each other.

Discover more about Flanci’s functional, funky, and multi-award winning running kit at 

You can also visit our Facebook page and join the Flanci Active Community to share hints, tips, successes, and concerns. 

Bring some colour into your run, and feel confident with Flanci.

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